eBay sales: vintage stationary

Craft Projects Completed : 0 (But I got a row done on the scarf!)

#MilWordy Update: 68,861 words (2937 words/day to complete on time)

It’s been a very glazed sort of day. My eyes feel hazy and my head aches. Still, my work email is down to 330 emails, even after having a week off. It’s such a relief to have gotten that far down.

I haven’t been writing much, but I’ve got two short story ideas to explore and complete. I’m going to see if I can finish that.

I have a thank you to write to one of my beta readers. I’m going to do that as soon as I tie up here.

In summary: I loved the trip and it was not impacted at all by having to wear a mask all the time. I love the power chair that we rented for Mom and want to buy one. (Envelope started for saving right now!) And there were no real emergencies in my email this morning. Which was nice to come back to. I can’t wait to go back on vacation. LOL. No matter how many blisters I have.

Laugh, love, and live, my lovelies. G’night.

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