eBay Sales: Large ornament, book, mini-fig, and a plate

Craft Projects Completed: 0, but I got a good four rows on my scarf. I’m starting to see the end. And moved my loom so I can work on the shawl that was supposed to be a Christmas present years ago.

#MilWordy Update: 74,323 words (2996 words/day to complete)

It’s been a day of very little being done. I’ve not written anything beyond an email and I’ve not finished much in terms of my to do list. There were a few things I managed to knock off: I used the 2 domes which have been sitting in the parlor waiting for me to put something into; hung two pictures for Mom; helped change the sheets in Mom’s room; carried down a tub of stuff for eBay down to the eBay staging area; and helped Dad change the lights in the front lamp.

Huh, that was more than I expected once it’s all been written out.

I’m looking to integrate Ko-Fi onto the site. It’s a tip jar basically. In case you like one of the short stories I post and want to kick in a couple of cents. I am working towards making writing my career, but that’s a little ways down the road. I need to kill off a couple of credit card bills first. And secure a nice place to live out my golden years, as the phrase goes. Maybe a nice apartment in New Orleans? Or a small house further south in Virginia. It will depend on where my social network ends up, I think. I don’t have any siblings, so it becomes much more important to have a good circle of friends.

Well, that’s depressing. Let’s look at something else.


Well, that’s that topic taken care of. I could go on about things, but that will raise my blood pressure, and probably yours, so I’m not going to. I AM going to say that if you don’t vote, you are disappointing the men and women who have died to first, give us the right to vote on our government, and second those who fight to protect that right. Our men and women in uniform fight for our way of life. That way of life includes democracy.

Democracy means you need to vote. Make your voice heard.

Vote early if you can. Vote on the day if you need to. If you need an emergency absentee ballot due to health reasons — that might be an option. In Virginia, there is a curbside option. This was a blessing when my folks and I went to vote. It’s a great option for people with mobility issues.

I guess I did have more to say on the topic. I will sum it up here for my generation and younger: VOTE and post your “voted selfie” on Facebook or Instagram. It’s just the done thing now, and I love it! Those selfies are how I learned about early voting being an option in my state.

Well, I’ll step down off my little soapbox now.

Love, Luck, and Crunchy leaves on your way to the voting box, darlings!

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