eBay Sales: piece of Fandom stuff

Craft Projects Completed: None and No progress on any of the open projects

#MilWordy Update: 77,243 (3,016 words/day to complete)

The entire day was slow and attenuated.

I tried Death Wish Cold Coffee. My heart can’t take that level of caffeine. It was good, mind, but I think I need to save it for, say, The Night of Writing Dangerously or something. Any time I really, really need to be awake at three a.m. or something.

Lit incense for the first time in a long while and I’m trying to remember why I haven’t done it more often. The fan is moving the smoke around the room as though it’s wrapping the room in scent. It’s lovely and soft like a hug.

I’ve gotten myself some new writing software. It’s for timelines and world-building and keeping track of characters. I’m planning to use it more for universes rather than stories. I’ve got several series in the works and I need something to hold onto all the details of the worlds.

One of the teams at work dressed up as MIBs. It was amusing. It was costume day at work. I was planning to wear the Evil Queen dress I’d picked up for Halloween, but the sleeves were just so painfully itchy that I couldn’t even handle wearing it long enough to get out of the house. I ended up in one of my Halloween dresses instead. It was nice to see the site getting into the actual spirit of spirit week. However, I did not participate in the photographs. There are just some things that I avoid when I can. Group photos is one of them. No one in my immediate family circle really enjoys those. However, I have been forcing selfies on my parents when we’re on vacation. Family fun will be enforced, damn it!

Well, I’m going to sign off with the exhortation to VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. Time to make your voice heard. You want change? You want things to stay the same? Now is when you decide. Here. At the polls. VOTE.

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