eBay Sales: None

Craft Projects Complete: 0 — but do I count integrating a piece of furniture here?

#MilWordy Update: 80,046 words (3036 words/day to complete on time)

#NanoWriMo Update: 2420 words on Changeling Sunrise

I have actually finished my Nano words for the day, but I’m still behind for my MilWordy words. I still need another good 600 words before I’m done for that goal.

If you’ve never heard of NanoWriMo it’s goal is this: write 50,000 words in one month on a new project. Some folks do novels. (Like me.) Some do short story collections. Some use it for screenplays. No matter. The goal is the same.

Are these the best words you’ll ever write? Maybe. Maybe not. But one thing is true, if you don’t set an outrageous goal, you’ll never know. And if you do work at the goal, even if you don’t achieve it, you’ll be further ahead than if you never started at all.

If you want to join in, most of the events will be virtual this year. NanoWriMo.org is the happening website and you’ll be able to find folks in your general environment to work with, cheer on, and generally find a community with. The writer friends I’ve made with Nano are now some of my best friends.

I’ll talk more about Nano on and off through the month, but I do encourage you to give it a try. Maybe you’ll find out something about yourself you never knew.

A crazy goal. A crazy month. And lots of fun.

Off to sprint and finish off my goals for today.


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