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#MilWordy Update: 96,976 words (3,272 words/day to complete)

#NaNoWriMo Update: 12,236 words (18,882 words/day to complete)

It looks as though Nano is going to be a wash for me this year. At the same time though, I’ve actually gotten the book started and I know where it’s heading is not where I thought it was going to go. And that’s okay. It’s in the same universe. And we know how she’s connected to that universe, but it’s not the main thrust of the story any longer. Now, it’s still got elements of that first plot in there, but it’s not all about that plot anymore. She’s got a scavenger hunt to complete, and a new client to take on if she wins that. She’s meeting people she didn’t think she would and she’s learning that she doesn’t need to know where she came from to know who she is. That’s of course the real thrust of the book. It’s not about the hunt, but what she learns along the way. And the way she learns to interact with the people she loves and who rely on her. That’s all great and I wouldn’t have gotten there if I hadn’t had some productive sprints with the writers I hang out with and Nano in general.

MilWordy on the other hand, is still going well enough that I’m not worried about it. The goals for the numbers can seem daunting, but I’ve actually finished more short stories and developed an entire series out of working consistently on it. And I’ve dragged someone along with me, so I’m not fighting through it alone. That’s a good thing too. I can usually convince her to sprint with me, even if there’s not a larger group going. Our group has even got a word-sprint Discord channel now, which means that sometimes people just pop in and see if anyone is up to writing. Which, I might have to just pop into tonight as well.

This has been a weird week and holiday weekend at any rate. I’ve been getting a lot done and feel like I’ve been incredibly lazy at the same time. We’ll have to see how I manage my new schedule though. I don’t want to let anything slip, but I still need to maintain a proper balance.

I’m off to the new job in the morning. Wish me luck, my lovelies.

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