eBay Sales: 1 pr shoes, lemon squeezer, slides, McDonald’s toys, DVD, alarm clock, capgun, and a necklace

#MilWordy Update: 104,602 words (3,655 words/day to complete)

Craft Projects completed: 0, but I got a few rows on my scarf and started a beaded ornament kit

I am beginning to think that I need to count all of the words that I write at work in my MilWordy numbers. It would make me feel better at least. I have professional emails and processes that I’ve written up in the past week that would make that number look a lot better, but that doesn’t feel right. I’m counting creative writing, blogs, and … well, things that are related to my personal business needs as part of this adventure. I am falling behind and that worries me a little bit. On the other hand, at least I’m attending a weekly sprint stream and getting a few words every week from that. And hey, while I haven’t achieved the “blog every day” ideal, I have been blogging more than usual. I’ve made progress, and that’s what I wanted from this projected.

The spam bots have become boring again. It’s just a bunch of ads for drugs and the “comments” aren’t even interesting. One bot didn’t even *try* to make a generic comment. It was literally just a keyboard smash. Where’s the pride? Where’s the attempt to fool the human into okaying your comment when it’s caught in the spam filter? The art of the con? Such a slip in standards. In my day you had to *work* for your spam comments. (Disclaimer: I’ve never actually written spam comments. But they used to be done by hand in the dark days of the web when I first started.)

It’s been a quiet holiday season and that’s fine by me. My friends though, they have had much harder seasons. Too many reports of ill family members and the passing of such. My heart goes out to them. I’ve got an uncle who’s had exposure to C-19, but no word yet on his test results.

I am looking forward to the new year. And in particular New Year’s day. There’s a local auction house I’m planning to visit. This is the first auction I’ve been able to attend in person for a long time. And the auctioneers have done their best to enact social distancing. You had to call for reservations even. I’m hoping to find a treasure. Or at least have some fun while I’m there. I am promising myself that I will not be buying anything for resale. This is a very firm note to myself that I have a huge amount of items that I need to list for sale and I cannot add to it.

(I’m totally gonna add to it. You know that right?)

Anyhow, I’m working through the end of year business delights, like annual reports and royalty statements. Wish me luck.


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