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#MilWordy Update: 105,676 words (3,726 words/day to complete on time)

Spent most of the day finding things to donate. It’s like a mini-marathon of decluttering and minimalism videos right in my own home. My Dad took a load over to Goodwill this morning and it’s already full up again. LOL. We even found some things which are just recycling or trash as we were pawing through random drawers in the basement. I discarded a lot of little things from the gardening area which were expired. And then I donated a bunch of starter stuff that we’re never going to use here. I really should put on some shoes and venture into the Garage for more things like that. Easy decisions.

The kitchen and pantry are done. The videos are sorted. Though, I have a feeling that after I watch a few of the DVDs they’ll be either sent off to a new home at the thrift shop or I’ll sell them. There are movies that I “must” see or movies that I want to watch so I’ll actually understand the references. We all have those. I have seen a good number of the movies on the IMDB top rated movies. Many of the “top lists” give me points because there was a time in my life where I steadily worked my way through all of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies. That stands you in good stead when you’re looking at lists with older movies. My tiny squish on Cary Grant served me well too.

Did a load of inventory for the press today. I’ve got the annual report to sort out and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be counting those words towards my MilWordy numbers. I’m tempted to count the words from my work documents too, since I’m drafting them all from scratch. And if I didn’t have a day job, then I would be counting words of that nature during the day. Any thoughts on that folks?

I hope to start doing at least one flash fiction per week. That’s not a goal I’ve set in stone though. I want to get through at least a month of blogging every day and writing a sentence or two in my journal before I add in any new goals.

I did set up my Goodreads goal for the year: I want to read 60 books this year. Or, I suppose, finish reading 60 books this year. I’ve got a few which will count towards this year which I started reading last year. But at least I’ll have finished them. That will let me drop the little plot hooks which remain in my brain. (I read many books at the same time. I am a biblio-slut. I generally have no issues putting them down and picking them up either. That means there’s a bunch of processing somewhere in my hemispheres which is devoted strictly to keeping track of where I am in certain books.)

On the other hand, now I have to resist adding books to my TBR. Do we really think I can do that?

No. We don’t. If you answered differently, you obviously haven’t been around me long. Books are one of my greatest pleasures. They are my addiction.

There are worse addictions.

Anyway, I think I’ll tie this up so that it actually goes out on time.

Love, luck, and lollipops, my lovelies.

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