eBay Sales: 2 prints, 1 fandom piece

#MilWordy Update: 110,852 words (4,234 words/day to complete)

I’ve set myself a daily goal of 15 eBay listings a day. If I want to ramp up sales, I have to list more. Which, usually, means you sell more not only because of the things you’ve listed, but because consistent listing seems to bump up all of your listings in the algorithm. That’s eBayer lore at least, and while we know that the plural of “anecdote” isn’t “evidence”, it’s still good to have a firm practice.

I’ve got a business meeting scheduled with one of my business partners for Friday. And while I would love to do it in person, it’s COVID years and that’s not happening.

Managed to get myself an appointment at the DMV for my Real ID. In April. At least that gives me time to gather up all of the paperwork I need for that. You know, birth certificate, SSN card, blood of a virgin, hair of a unicorn. All that. I still have plans to check every day for cancellations and try to get there sooner.

I have been fighting with a new printer install today. I decided to walk away after about an hour. And I’ll need to figure it out before I try to install my mother’s printer. It keeps trying to tell me that it can’t connect with the wifi, but the computer can find it as though it’s connected to the wifi, so the hell?

  • Goal: Finish 2 books & 12 short stories — 2 short story complete.
  • Goal: Keep a journal, even if it’s only one line per day — Hasn’t happened every day, but better than usual and I’ve actually added time for it into my planner. (Hoping the planner gets me back on track for everything this year.)
  • Goal: Take a photo every day and make myself a book at the end of the year. — Almost caught up with this
  • Goal: Complete MilWordy. — Progress, but I’ve not hit goal for the day
  • Goal: Blog every day. — Cautiously optimistic here.

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