eBay Sales: Vintage Waltons figures, Baby Dino figure, 3 books

#MilWordy Update: 119,583 words (5,435 words/day to complete)

To follow up on my half-finished thought about weekends. I have, historically, not really taken weekends. In essence, my weekends have always been filled with something else. Working at a side job, fixing things, writing, building businesses. All of that. My weekends have always been *productive* time for me.

We’re often told “Time is Money.” And “Pursue Your Passions”. And this has left me with a very odd dilemma and a sub-conscious belief that if I am just doing something because I enjoy it, not because it has some sort of financial gain, I am wasting my time and losing money.

Think about that for a moment. This niggling little invisible script – to steal a phrase – has been playing in the back of my mind. It tells me that I can pursue my painting and collage work, as long as I put it out for sale. I can work on my writing, as long as it’s something I can publish. I can work on my photography as long as I put it up on Redbubble or Etsy or a stock photo site. I can go thrifting as long as I resell it.

That is pernicious and turns every activity into a job. Rather than finding the fun in the job and making it bearable, I have instead, taken the fun and made it a job.

I have come to the conclusion that I have to trick my hind-brain back into having fun. And relaxing. There are things I strictly do not do anymore.

I do not write book reviews anymore because that ruins books for me. Book challenges are fine. Making a list of the books I own or the books I’ve read is fine. Searching out rare books or first editions, is fine. Those are mine. (And I can afford to spend a little extra dosh on fixing up my latest find of 3 1897 books because it’s not about selling them, it’s about having a pretty book for my shelf with some pages that I have been searching for for a very long time.) Hmmm… they are out of copyright… no! Bad business brain. Back into your corner.

I don’t knit for other people unless it’s a gift. I’m a slow knitter anyway, but the scarves I make either go to charity, as gifts, or for my own use. I will never craft with needles and yarn for money. (My wrists thank me.)

I do not work on Sundays. Sundays are for goofing off. Spend time walking outside. Take a bubble bath. Read a book. Craft something I want to work on – like a diamond painting. Watch a movie. Or stream something. Even if I do go back to running additional businesses at the same time as my day job, I cannot go back to working on every Sunday. And if I am going to work a Sunday, I cannot work on a Saturday. And we all know that this is probably doomed to failure, but I’m trying it anyway.

This is a slow reclamation of my energy and time. There are things that happen on weekends that are business related. But in general, they are things I enjoy doing.

I have seen a huge upswing in my productivity and my mood since I’ve started doing this. It has helped me refocus and become better at what I do choose to do. And hey, I’ve actually started reading books again. Though, I didn’t finish many this month, I did read and that’s a step forward.

Americans are predisposed to not taking their vacation time, even when they have it. I have never believed in that. I have always used every scrap of my leave time and will continue to do so. But I forgot that weekends were also supposed to be leave time.

People died for me to have weekends. Striking workers were shot so that I could have a weekend.

Then, I worked retail as my fist jobs. What are weekends? Weekends are days that you can get called into work and you have the highests chance of actually making commission or hitting your sales goals. And “part-time” retail can be anything but when you’re working at three different retail jobs. (College was not fun.)

That screwed up my brain. It’s been a long few months trying to pry back away from that. And I am trying to set reasonable goals for myself.

I will need a lot of concentration to keep from backsliding on this.

  • Goal: Finish 2 books & 12 short stories — 3 short story complete. 1 in edits. So, I broke and counted just the stories I have open — that’s 53 including novels and short stories. Maybe I can actually get one of them finished tonight.
  • Goal: Keep a journal, even if it’s only one line per day — Nope. Let’s see if I can fix that tonight too.
  • Goal: Take a photo every day and make myself a book at the end of the year. — a few days behind, but I’m catching up. This has been going very well in general. I think the end of year book will be really interesting.
  • Goal: Complete MilWordy. — *gulps*
  • Goal: Blog every day. — Back at it.
  • Goal: 15 eBay listings a day while I’m not working elsewhere — I have been doing pretty well at managing the $200 per day in listings, but some of that is really reliant on some of the more obscure and more expensive items that I need to get listed. I don’t have too many of those, but it’s possible to get to the price without much more than listing books. Today I was listing trading cards. The other day I managed it with nothing more than books, so it is doable. And if I start to see the actual sell off of items, that will mean I’ve done something right.

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