05-08-21 The Triumphant Return??

eBay Sales (this will be a long list): 4 figurine, 23 books, 1 ornament, 1 record, 2 trolls, 1 Snoopy, 1 McDonald’s Toy, 1 Star Wars toy, 2 necklace, 2 kitchen tools, 1 cake stand, 1 set of slides, 1 vase, 1 belt, 1 pr shoes, 1 paper doll set, 2 magazines, 1 plush, 1 set of thimbles, 1 pair of shelves, 1 collectable keychain, 1 pitcher, 1 rubber stamp, 2 fandom collectables, 1 set of coasters,

#MilWordy Update: 133,086 words (7,339 words/day to complete)

Well, it’s been a month. I have been busy looking for a new job. And I’ve taken on a part-time gig, but I’m still looking for something full-time. It’s better to have something than nothing.

I am ramping up my reselling as well. I have a goal to pay for health insurance through the reselling. That will be my first goal. Then, enough to support my car payments as well. Slow build until I don’t have to worry about holding an external position at all.

I am still working on publishable items, but I just haven’t had the brain capacity to actually be creative. And I’m sure that’s probably a stress reaction rather than anything else. I do have an old story coming back to haunt me though. I think I’ve got the ability to write the story now, but I need to figure out where to start it and from what POV I want to show it. If I write the backstory part in full, it probably will turn into simply fodder for the real story. I don’t know if I’m willing to devote that much time to it. If I don’t write up the backstory, I will completely forget it all. And there are themes from the backstory which I’m using to inform a different character in a different universe. I don’t want the two characters to be too similar in the end. And I don’t want the only different characteristic to be the availability of magic in one universe. Which, I suppose, means I need to sit with my MC for awhile longer and get into his trauma reactions more completely. Not really a comfortable place, but I think one that needs to be explored carefully.

On the other hand, I’ve actually started a book in an old series that I’ve got plotted out. That’s a step in the right direction. I can work on that while I test play my other character. I’ve finally found the place to use a plot that I’ve been working through several times with no success. It’s always been an issue of why would the main character actually say yes to the situation she’s moving into. I think I’ve got a reason for it now. We’ll see if it works out or not, but for now, I’m going to run with it.

I haven’t even been keeping up with my digitization project. (I am trying my best to get the overwhelming amount of paper out of my life. But I swear, every day, there’s one more piece of paper that needs to be kept as proof of something. *shakes head* Modern life was supposed to make it easier to live without those things wasn’t it? Well, that and flying cars.

And seriously people, everyone who wants a flying car? I want you to think a moment about the last time you were driving. The last time someone swerved through the lane or cut you off or just about smashed into the back of your vehicle. Now, think about adding another dimension to that. Now, instead of being cut off in two directions, you’ll be able to be cut off in four. And there are enough people who shouldn’t have licenses out driving right now. Can you imagine that future with flying vehicles? And what sort of failsafes need to be on a flying car?

Obviously my practical side has had too much coffee today. I’ll convince her to take a long warm bath to calm down and we’ll reexamine the idea later.

Because flying cars are cool.

And so are blasters. Especially if the blasters are actually shooting plasma instead of light beams. Hmmm… that would mean that they would actually need clips, yeah? You’d need actual material to create the projectiles.

I’ll… I’ll be right back. I have a short story to draft.

Goodnight y’all.

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PS: Newly Published Game Review on Medium.com: Money Garden

  • Goal: Finish 2 books & 12 short stories — 3 short story complete. 1 in edits.
  • Goal: Keep a journal, even if it’s only one line per day — This did not happen much more than the blog posts
  • Goal: Take a photo every day and make myself a book at the end of the year. — Pretty close to caught up on this one.
  • Goal: Complete MilWordy. — I haven’t written a word in a month.
  • Goal: Blog every day. — First day back at it.
  • Goal: Modified eBay goal: List $200-$300 per day. Got $0 worth of listings today.

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