09-10-21 Well, that was a fail

eBay Sales: 1 Nancy Drew book, 1 additional book

#MilWordy Update: 157,421 words total that I tracked.

Craft progress: Working on a phoenix cross-stitch. It’s going well.

Photo of cross stitch progress showing a red phoenix wing and head on white background

So, I suppose we should start with the summary of what didn’t happen over the past few months. I did not actually track all of the words I wrote towards my MilWordy. What I did track shows that I did 157,421 total for the year. I will not be trying this experiment next year.

I did my 3-Day writing retreat. I will say that I did many fewer words than I usually do. However, I am counting it a success because I actually write on the sequel to one of my books that has been stuck. And I figured out what the last few beats need to be in order to tie up the main story. There will still be a larger story point that isn’t resolved because it’s out of scope of the book. That may become a stand-alone, but these characters will be retiring. Who knows maybe there will be a wedding in the final reel of this book. Then again, maybe just a coronation.

I am no longer working the part-time gig. I am really glad about that. I made it through almost four months and it was already killing me. I was burning out and literally dreaded my appointments. Things did not end the way I wanted them to though. All of my clients were transferred to others, but I didn’t get to tie up with the majority of them. It was not the ending I wanted for them, but it was likely better for all concerned. It could have been more damaging in the long run. I did discover that I really enjoy helping people who are starting their businesses though. So, that’s a direction I might end up heading into: Business Coaching for New Entrepreneurs. I’m not sure if I want to specialize in authors/creatives or just early days businesses, but we’ll see. I didn’t immediately set up a website & a business plan, so that’s probably telling me a lot about my actual gut reaction. I’m going to have to give myself at least until January to properly make the decision.

I do have a full-time job once again. Though, I’m going to keep my current health-care for reasons of continuity and preference.

I have started painting minis, though I have none completed right now. I need to order some red paint or maybe pink before I can properly finish my current character’s mini. I did do a good undercoat and I’m starting on details. We’ll see if I stick with it. The detail part is not my favorite, for all I love pen and ink detailing. I think my real passion is in a different art-form.

I think I’m going to tie up here. It’s enough to just get started on doing things again.

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  • Goal: Finish 2 books & 12 short stories — 3 short story complete. 1 in edits.
  • Goal: Keep a journal, even if it’s only one line per day — *Insert laughter here*
  • Goal: Take a photo every day and make myself a book at the end of the year. — Behind on this one, but still more pictures than I used to take
  • Goal: Complete MilWordy. — See above.
  • Goal: Blog every day. — And Mark!
  • Goal: Modified eBay goal: List $200-$300 per day. Got $0 worth of listings today, so far

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