The Great Ebay Experiment 10-3-16

Nine months in! Had quite the listing push last month. Need to do another one for this month, that’s for sure!

We’ll start with what’s sold:

  • HP Ink Quadpack
  • Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe Pull Toy
  • Dress Pattern
  • Daffodil Napkin Rings
  • Purple Beaded Napkin Rings
  • Rainbow Brite and the Big Color Mix-Up Read Along No Tape

Much better volume this month. Still needs a bit of pushing through, but there was a little bit of bulk reduced in the listing boxes.

The HP Ink was expired. We don’t have HP printers in the house anymore, so it was time for it to go.

The Old Woman toy I picked up at an antique show years ago.

The dress pattern was a multiple dress grouping. Very nice.

The daffodil napkin rings were metal and quite detailed. I got them in a bag lot of napkin rings. The shipping was a bit… much though.

The purple beaded napkin rings were about the span of my hand, so not exactly wilting flowers.

The Rainbow Brite book I picked up at a thrift store, but I am happy enough with what we got for it.

I have a stack of vinyl that needs listing, and a box of postcards, but I think I’m going to focus squarely on big items until there’s a bit of breathing room around here. I have shelves of stuff that I just know will bring in a bit of dosh here and there for me, my mom, my friend, her mother, and our neighbor. Hmm… maybe a push on the stuff I have laying around that’s hers?

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