So, it’s a Sunday

And I feel like I got nothing done really.

However, on the other hand, I got through quite a bit of my to do list this weekend.

I’ve been fighting through cleaning up my bathroom, including throwing out a few things that I’ve had for ages, but just haven’t used. And I have discovered the absolutely best way to motivate me to clean — give me a hard deadline for something else. In fact, the idea that I have something due in a week? That means I’ll happily wash the baseboards and vacuum the house.

I have no idea why that is, but I know it’s true. I have to be careful to make myself focus on the real things.

What I did get done:

  • Took books to the local bookstore so that as we ramp up into Christmas shopping time, there’s plenty of books at the shop.
  • Picked up the items I won at the local estate auction. Heck, Dr. Ruth’s Game of Good Sex looks hilarious.
  • Stopped at the storage unit to retrieve my friend’s camp chair for her to take with her camping.
  • Provided wholesale costs to a bakery client.
  • Made arrangements to discuss budget and timeline for a new app my business partner and I want to develop.
  • Picked up some apples and selzer at the grocery.
  • Edited part of GS.

That’s a little better than what I thought I’d gotten done.
Well, that’s all for this little check-in.

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