September Goals Post

Doing my best. Honestly. It feels as though there’s been no progress… However, I am blogging this a little early (the 24th) so there might be some progress that doesn’t get recorded until next month. If I forget to update between now and the 30th.

    • Edit SG — At least 90/138 as of 9-24-17, but I have a goal to get it done and back to the author by the end of the month. 
    • Complete Short Stories:
      • TTOBT
      • WOW
      • CN
      • ZJ
      • GG
    • Complete Novels:
      • K&N — I have done a few chapters on this
      • TBM — The end is in sight. So is the sequel. (I have a feeling that will be Nano this year.)
      • TCC
      • ADM
      • PR
      • TAG
    • Sell 72 items this year (6/month):  1 frame (Total count: 14)
    • Post 12 Pc of Artwork on Etsy <– not yet
    • Finish stuffed cupcake <– Found this project, but did nothing on it. 
    • Blog daily on Bittersuites <– So, I’m trying this for an October goal. 
    • Write 12 flash stories on Wedschild’s Wanderings <– only 11 to go. 
  • Podcast flash stories 
  • Create audiobook for CBE
  • Let go of 1000 things: 500 
  • Get conversion therapy banned in my county and state. 
  • Edit C.J. short story <– Still a horrible friend who hasn’t done this.
  • Stop drinking sodaFAIl. Utter FAIL. I will try starting this again. I did find a caffeinated selzer I like though. 
  • NEW GOAL: Exercise 5X a week  — Actually joined a gym. Started going 3X a week to start. (Current avg 1.4)
  • Update Patreon 
  • Create IGB Videos
  • Quarterly newsletters for IGB&GFP 
  • Finish 4 crafts:

Pie in the Sky Goals

  • Start a hyper-local paper for BG. — Go door to door gathering info 
  • Develop an AI assistant
  • Start a gentlewoman’s club — like an old-fashioned men’s club. A dining room, a bar, reading/lounge rooms, library, gaming room, media room, rentable area for weddings and like, rooms that members can sleep in for the night. Yearly membership, plus food and such. <– so, um, yeah, have the LLC registered.

Actual Bucket Goals

  • Adapt forensic sniffer as a blood sugar detector
  • Sail on a clipper ship
  • Visit Paris (Esp. Disney Paris)
  • Visit London and take the Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper tours
  • Go back to Germany and visit all the places I missed and what was East Germany
  • Develop a method for cleaning up space junk. Possibly using electromagnets. 

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