So, my bed broke the other day which means I have to clean up for the delivery of a new one. That means I have started decluttering and donating thinks. All sorts of things. And throwing things out.

This plays in to one of my goals, so I am going to vaguely keep track of what I am getting rid of.

  • Paper mache box waiting for decor
  • old seeds from 2008
  • Seed box with directions on seed saving that I never used
  • Red ribbon
  • Two pairs of shoes that don’t fit right
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        1. My Grandfather was in ribbons and trim. J. V. Greenberg. He used to carry around an envelope from someone making an order from India addressed to J. V. Greenberg, New York, that got delivered.

          But anyway, after trying 20 times to get an order from one particular company, the buyer finally said, “You want an order? I’ll give you an order. Sell me ribbon from the tip of your nose to the tip of your shvance.” And the next week, the buyer saw three truckloads of ribbon at the loading dock. So he calls my grandfather to ask what happened. And Grandpa Jack told him, “Well, My nose is on 7th Avenue, but my bris was in Minsk.”

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