Two days in a row

Blimey. I managed more than one day in a row. This is a minor celebration.

Listed four things on eBay and took photos of two more items, so that is going well. Still plenty of items to list. I should probably organize them more, but that smacks of non-useful fretting and I am trying to steer away from that.

I have to pack up because this weekend is my three day writing weekend. I get a hotel room for three days over Labor Day weekend and whenI am done, I have a novel. Or the majority of one. My goal for this year is to finish as many of my works in progress as I can. And of course I will start new projects if I feel the urge. It’s just an orgy of creation.

Would you look at that, the blog post is getting longer too. I might actually get the hang of this thing.

Until next time, cousins.

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