I remembered today!

The hardest part of starting a new habit is making it actually happen on a daily basis. I am sure once I actually get the hang of it, this will work. Of course, the best laid plans of mice and men…

anyway, yesterday I got two pages of a new story written down. It features a set of characters that I tend to go back to on a regular basis. I got to introduce two characters I have only ever referred to before, so that was interesting. And I have to figure out the timeline a little more clearly for one of the main characters’ life. (Awkward sentence construction is fun.) But it was new words and nearly 300 of them in no time, so go me!

Also listed 7 lots on eBay tonight. If I keep it up, I might be able to get through the piles of stuff that we are ready to release back into the world for someone else to enjoy.

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