Friday 13th September 2019

Watched an 18wheeler run a red light and two cars blow past a stopped school bus. Wonderful job NoVa peeps. Seriously.

Also got to see a late bat heading home in the morning drizzle. Which was awesome. I never get to see bats flying.

Sittings at that weird point where I know more what I don’t want from life than what I do. It’s time to take the time to figure out what I actually want from life instead. There have been some wonderful things that have come into my life: my D&D group, my apprentice, my books. But I have also been stressed to Hel and back at work. I don’t enjoy my nine to five. ( Anyone who has known me for a while has probably figured that out. ) I just happen to be really good at what I do on the day to day.

So, I think maybe this is one of those spaces where I will try to define more of what I want to do than what I just do to fill time and sustain my life.

First step: I have to say that not committing myself to anything special with my blogging, but rather just- making sure I blog something everyday is a good step. Not committing to long form journalism or special features has made it a lot easier to make blogging part of my daily life. It’s like writing a letter to the world and I have always loved writing letters.

EBay sales: Steiff Bear, doll sized tea pot

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