Saturday 9-14-19

At some point I will start coming up with interesting titles again. But habits are hard to make, but easy to break in the beginning.

Errand speed run. Hit the bank, the dollar store, and estate sale, and picked up a table I bought through Next Door all in and hour and change. Go me!

It’s Halloween decorating time and I had a small orgy of Dollar Store decor to add to the ten boxes already in the basement. Picked up a “frog” and a “piranha” skeleton. Baubles for the all-seasons tree in the living room, and small pumpkins to tuck in and around things in the house.

So far today, sold a doll on eBay. There are bids on other auctions but none that will sell today. She’s a big one so I am happy. I am all about reducing the pile of satin and tulle filling a chair in the dining room.

Popped a set of Time Life books on Next Door because shipping them would be a pain in the rear. They are cool books but we are done with them and the second hand shop won’t take them.

Off to D&D with my crazy pals. Until tomorrow!

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