Writing From Prompts: #12 Glacier

“You seriously expect me to spend $1200 on water from a glacier. Was it harvested by specially trained penguins?” Tom asked. He raised his brows at his wife.

“Don’t be silly. It’s obviously trained polar bears. Penguins are too short.” Marianne looked over the top of her menu. She winked. “Still, it would be an experience. I’ve never had water that cost more than four dollars.”

“Because paying more than four dollars for water is insane.”

The waiter approached their table. “Compliments of the chef,” he said and placed two drinks on the table. “Earl Grey foam on a sweet tea with mango syrup.” It was basically a shot glass of sweet tea. But it was new and different.

“Thank you.” Marianne smiled up at the young man in the black suit and white gloves. The gloves were entirely impractical for delivering food, but maybe he only did drinks. “What do you recommend here?”

“Personally, I’m fond of the duck series, but you can’t go wrong with the grey stuff plate either. It’s delicious.” He gave her a sly grin.

Marianne nodded once. “I’ll have the grey stuff platter with the shrimp.”

“I’ll try the duck. And one glass of house red for me. Darling?”

“I’ll have an unsweetened ice tea with tonic.”

“Right away.” The waiter gave them an almost bow before disappearing behind a door into the kitchen and bar area.

“The house red? Isn’t that fifty dollars a glass?”

“It’s cheaper than the glacier water. And as long as I’m already paying three hundred dollars a person, I might as well splurge on a good glass of wine.”

Marianne laughed. She raised her amuse buche. “To splurges.”

“To splurges.” They clinked glasses and drank it down.

“I am totally figuring out how to make this.”

“I think I still have the foam making thing in the pantry,” Tom replied. He licked his lips to catch the last of the foam. It really was a lovely dry and sweet combination.

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