eBay Sales: 0

Craft Projects completed: 0

To do list item completed: will signed and notarized

#MilWordy update: 2506 words (before this blog post)

The spam-bots on my blog have been providing succulent care and puppy training advice recently. As well as telling me how Audible works. Personally, I appreciate that someone’s decided to copy and paste something more interesting than the generic “I liked dis” sort of sentence. It shows dedication to the craft of spamming. I do hope they get paid by the submission rather than the click though. I *knock on wood* have only gotten two comments which slithered through the spam net. Barring that — I hope they truly are a bot and not bothered by the repetition and boredom inherent in spamming every single post on a blog.

Progress on the newest novel is going well. Our MC is a young male with anxiety, OCD, and a newly discovered ability to make spells work. His best friend/ assumed SO is an Korean-American female artist. His siblings are legion. His friends far flung. And his mother is possible a Disney villain, but he doesn’t believe it. He’s got to find a new place to live, save his sister’s life, and keep on the good side of the gangs in his part of town and the cops.

Progress on book 2 of Stars and Shadows is… about half-way completed. Maybe I’ll get it done during Nano. And Progress on Book 2 of Queen Bee is two chapters in. (I might focus on that one for this weekend.)

Short story works in progress are still legion.

My prompts list is almost done. So I have emailed my favorite partner-in-crime for a new list.

Finally got my will signed, notarized, and properly stored away. That’s been lingering on my to do list like an evil stench. Next big project is to fix the couch foot. We need to lift the couch up, glue the foot on and then set it back down. On the plus side — I got the couch for a dollar in an auction and a dude there got it home for me in his pick-up truck. He refused payment, but I did get his card and pass it on to folks. It’s the least I could do.

Oh, and install the toilet paper holder/ support handle in the upstairs bathroom for my parentals WC. We installed the one in the powder room and it’s working well.

I have a stack of books from the library sitting on my printer. This was my attempt to keep myself from going on a book buying binge. It’s helped. But then audible went and made all of the originals available for listening to members. Part of me hates myself for giving any money to Jeff Bezos, but the books are still books. And audiobooks make my drives to work bearable when I can’t listen to one more word from a podcast or music. I get about two good hours a day during my commute to listen to things. Especially because I’ve worked my way up to 2.5x speed on the sound. I haven’t listened to a podcast at normal speed in more than a year. However, I do listen to Neil Gaiman at regular speed. I enjoy his voice too much. I will probably end up doing the same with Stephen Fry. Don’t know, I’m not through my current book yet and I’ve got 6K books to run through and make decisions on.

My poor nook is wondering where I am, I’m sure. I’ve been reading physical books and listening to audiobooks. I only tend to use my nook when I’m on a plane. Even then, I take a nice old-fashioned paperback with me.

That reminds me: Minor rant to publishers: If you start a series with a particular book size and cover style — PLEASE continue that until the series is done. I have the Rivers of London series. All of them are paperbacks except the latest one. My shelf looks weird. Also, the Hater books by David Moody. Two distinct hardbacks with white covers and blood red lettering. The next book… beige paperback. NOOOO. My shelf. *whines*.

Signing off now. Talk to you tomorrow. Maybe I’ll have something interesting to rant on then.

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