eBay sales: nothing today

craft projects completed: 0, but I’ve made several rows of progress on my scarf

#MilWordy update: 5329 words (not including today’s blog post)

It’s been a fairly quiet day. Work called me, but I didn’t have to go in. Mom’s car didn’t start, so AAA came out to charge the battery and tell us that it needs to be driven more often and for longer amounts of time.

Unpacked the bags from Michael’s and integrated the Halloween stuff into the proper places. The Halloween/fall decor explosion has begun. I think we only have… six or seven more boxes. That sounds like a lot more than it really is. Pumpkins take up a lot of room. They do not pack well. Not in the least. If you’re lucky you get two to three into a box and then you have to pack around them to use up the rest of the box. I picked up a cute Happy Halloween felt banner at the Dollar Tree yesterday too. It’s adorable and very vintage.

Reframed a picture today. It’s a lovely little watercolor that deserved a better frame than it had. We also got it up on the wall in short order. So, that’s something off of the to do list today.

Spent the evening hanging out — via Zoom — with JM Beal and got in a lot of words doing sprints. It was nice to just talk and write and be productive. The whole thing about this #Milwordy thing is just getting writing. It doesn’t have to be good, it just has to be. Project wise, I’m almost four chapters in on a new book now. That’s a good start.

I still haven’t decided what I’m doing for my 3 Day that starts on Saturday AM. (Or Friday night at midnight, however you want to look at it.) I think I might grab one of the prompts I found on line and turn it into an actual book as opposed to the crack!fic I was planning on it being. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow, I think. I need a main character to throw into the situation. Someone who wouldn’t be expected to fall into the situation. *frowns*

Let’s see, she has blue hair and brightly colored clothing. There’s a full arm sleeve of a tattoo involved which is just as brightly colored as her hair. She wears combat boots and has been married to her husband for almost two years now. Her husband is significantly older than she is, who is basically a big money type. Maybe a dotcom entrepreneur who managed to get out before the bust in the nineties. His family is non-existent. Hers is generally nice, but small and scattered. She’s only in contact with them through social media and email because she hates the phone with a burning passion and would text before actually dialing her mother unless someone was dying.

Her name is Cassandra. She is a photographer who made her living photographing babies before she got married. Now she photographs whatever she wants and has been selling those at craft markets and on-line because her husband is more than happy to support her dreams of building an art career. He enjoys the fact that she wants him to help her at weekend shows and happily carries her frames and boxes and helps set up the lighting. As a couple they’re sickeningly sweet together, but are happy just spending time in the same space. His name is Jack. He likes to build things and travel.

Okay, I think we can do this. Just need a title.

I think we’ll call it: Through a Different Lens

🙂 Because I always need a new work in progress.

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