eBay sales: None

Craft Projects completed: 0, although I’m making progress on my scarf and managed a good six rows before my wrist started to ask me what exactly I thought I was doing.

Bulb Day Count: 10 (weekends will not be part of the count)

#Milwordy Update: 31,924 words

The spammers have sadly stopped sending me puppy and gardening advice. They’ve moved on to CBD oil and Audible. Sadly, no, I can tell that your comments have absolutely nothing to do with the post you added them to. It’s just *sloppy*. I’m sure there is a spam comment on my blog, but it was well tailored to pass my immediate sniff test and get past the spam filter on the page, so it deserves its place.

I was perusing the menorahs on eBay and I found this little beauty:

Yes. Yes, that is a goat menorah. It is wonderful. I love it.

No, I’m not Jewish. Neither is my mother. We just love menorahs and sort of collect them.

It also made me think of Scapegoats by Andrew Grell. (Link to purchase is *not* affiliate, but is linked to Golden Fleece Press). It’s about telepathic goats who are trying to make the world a better place by working with specific humans. It’s weird. It’s wonderful. And it has a special place in my heart. Let me repeat: Telepathic goats. At least one of whom sounds like your old Jewish grandpa from New York. I love these goats.

I want the goat menorah. But I don’t want to pay $400 for the goat menorah. (If you do, the picture will link you to eBay. Also *not* affiliate or in any way related to me.)

It’s been the sort of day that goes quickly. We had a zero session for the new D&D campaign we’ll be starting next week. Which also involved discussions of nail polish, massages, and contractors who can’t think beyond 12 hours when we need more time to process them into the system and get all the paperwork filed for them to come into work-sites. So much paperwork. Don’t ask. It will tip off a rant.

I’ve actually managed to paint my nails today with my favorite – Grass Stain from Revlon – which I bought on the Renthead quest for Neiderlander green nails. It’s not exactly the shade of the Neiderlander theatre, but I’ve grown very fond of it. I used to use it as the base for an odd sort of French tip where I’d put a cat’s eye line in the center with black and then do the tips in black as well. Nail art can break your brain a little bit.

Dad got a bee in his bonnet and started cleaning out the planter on the back deck and in the back yard. That means we ran out to get a new grill cover. There are still some broken pots that I need to get off of the deck before the winter. Heck, it would make sense to bring all of the pots into the garage and the gardening section. I am not putting that on my to do list.

Tomorrow, I’m going to focus on more eBay listing. I’m trying to list biggish things. Selling pins is all fine and well, but they take up less than an inch of space. I can put them at the end of my listing list. First focus is Halloween. Then Christmas stuff. Then new in box things. Then dolls. Then purses. Then shoes. Then maybe some glass chickens. People love glass chickens. I do not understand it.

There’s more cookbooks to be listed and I’ve got at least two board games which need to have all of their parts counted before I list them. I can only hope that more people start shopping as we head into the final quarter of the year.

Though shopping does require that people actually can work.

Telework is a thing that needs to happen for more jobs. And yes, I understand that some things can’t be done that way. I have worked retail. But I have also worked in offices where they require me to be there for 8 hours a day when I only have three hours of work. I’m very fond of the project focused workplace. As in — I give you your project. You finish it. I give you the next project. Or maybe I give you three projects which you work concurrently. As you finish them, you get the next one. And seriously, as long as you come in once a week for the staff-meeting/ TEM, I don’t care what time you come in to the office. Or if you prefer to work on Saturday. Or out at a park (assuming non-proprietary information). Just do your job. You are an adult.

Then I remind myself: You were acting manager for three/four months. Your team can’t all do that. Some can be trusted, but others need to be herded. Some people are just lazy. Some people just don’t know how to do things. And some people are just idiots. Which means there needs to be options. If you’re promoted to a certain level, you should be a self-starter and able to have a flexible schedule. If you can’t do that sort of thing, you don’t get promoted to the job with the flexible schedule. Easy in theory. Horrible in practice because people are going to take advantage or play favorites. And it sucks that that is reality. Maybe it’s different in a small company. But once you get to a certain number of people that flexibility gets harder to implement.

Anyway, off to get some words in on one of the bazillion and a half open projects I’ve got going. TTYT.

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