eBay sales: 2 necklaces, stuffed dog, pins

craft projects completed: 0 (several rows of knitting)

Dead bulb day count: 10 (on pause because of the weekend)

#Milwordy update: 32,879

My wrist has been screaming at me all day. I don’t know what I did to the poor thing. It feels as though I tried to pick something up that was too heavy and it set off the nerves in my wrist.

I woke up in a blech mood because my joints ached, so I took the day off. Didn’t list a thing. Didn’t write anything more than this blog post. That doesn’t mean I won’t work on something after this, but I really didn’t do anything productive.

I lie — I picked up the eBay room a little bit, looking for one of the necklaces. And we unpacked one of the Halloween boxes and spread things out.

What’s your #Milwordy looking like? Did you finish any of your projects? Inquiring minds want to know.


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