eBay sales: none

Craft projects completed: 0

Dead Bulb Count: 11 Days and counting

#MilWordy Update: 33,039 words

Spent the entire day as though I forgot to do something important. I have no idea what it was and I still don’t. I bounced the thought around with my friend and we think that maybe I was dreaming and didn’t finish whatever I was doing in the dream, so I’ve spent the entire day trying to remember what it was I’m supposed to do.

I spent most of the day attempting to reach zero in my work inbox. Which is to laugh. I’m still at 1500 plus. And it is killing me. Slowly. Through intensive boredom.

Now, we’re group-reading a book. I can’t even. Our discussion points include:

  • “They brought chipmunks into the country without quarantine and put them into a cage that’s actually on the ground? So, invasive species into the country and not trying to keep them contained? And how many chipmunks to they now have? They brought in 40, we now have more than 100. And I’m sure they’re burrowing out into the forest now.”
  • “Is her plan to kill everyone on the planet? With the water columns?”
  • “Is there fic for this book? We need to write anti-fan fiction for it!”
  •  “Are there any Batman crossovers? Cuz that is a natural fit.”
  • “No, but God said he wouldn’t use a flood again. It would be fire.”
  • “This book is going to turn us all into alcoholics.”
  • “Misslesl. Got to the bunker. Call the b****.”

So, yeah, this book is a thing. It’s a thing which should not exist. The MC just hung up on the President. And it isn’t as though the MC isn’t like in a firefight or anything. I can’t even. Jesus wept this is bad. No, I won’t tell you the title. It doesn’t deserve it.

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