eBay Sales: magazine back issue

Craft Projects Completed: 0 (scarf progress continues)

Dead Bulb Watch: 21 Business Days — I am beginning to twitch. Can no one else see that the light is out? Is the light not out and my eyes are failing me? Am I going insane? Or are people really that incapable of just putting in a freaking ticket. Honestly, my money is on the fact that people are freaking lazy and incapable of putting in a ticket because I still regularly need to talk people through how to do such a thing. “How do we get a coffee maker?” REQUEST ONE. Put in a ticket. *deep breath* *deep breath* Let it go. (Song cue!)

#MilWordy Update: 53,664 — Finished another short story and sent it off for beta reading. At least some projects are getting finished, even if they aren’t *long* projects.

Okay, if MS Word doesn’t stop trying to open One Drive which I DO NOT USE, I will not be responsible for my cursing. So done with your shit MS Word. I have to batter you into a corner every time you update because you’re trying to override my systems. If I want your crappy grammar help, I’ll ask for it. If I want you to autocorrect to fancy quotes, I’ll tell you to do that. But I DON’T because this document is destined for the WEB and your FANCY QUOTES don’t TRANSLATE PROPERLY.

Walk away. Just walk away from the computer. That is all I can do tonight. Just walk away and let it stew in how wrong it is.

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