eBay sales: figurine, cross-stitch pattern

Bonanza sales: Camcorder tape

Craft Projects Completed: 0 (Yes, progress on the scarf)

Dead Bulb Watch: 22 Business Days (Although, someone actually mentioned putting in a ticket for it. But she’s like me and is refusing to do it herself this time.)

#MilWordy Update: 53,931 (2,807 words/day to complete on time)

Turned in my November short story for the GFP Patreon. Doing the last line-edits on my October short story. (Just a little out of order, but there’s reasons for setting it up this way. The November one has to do with Veterans and the October one is a horror story.) I’ll hopefully get the October turn-in done tomorrow. Or tonight, if I end up feeling ambitious.

eBay is slowing down, but I’m pretty sure that’s my fault. I haven’t been listing every day, which means that there’s very little new product for people to find. However, Bonanza sales are going up. (Not that that’s hard. I’ve only had a handful of Bonanza sales over the long-term.) Do any of you shop on Bonanza?

My eBay focus is on new products, Halloween products, or Christmas products. Hopefully, quick listing will lead to quick selling. There’a a whole host of items which take a lot more time to describe and list. (Patterns, magazines, dolls) Things with barcodes are easy to list. Vintage things, not so much.

I’ve been diving into some writing lectures lately and I don’t know if it’s helping, but at least it’s not hurting. I’ve got a notice set up for a virtual write-in for Wednesday and you should consider joining us. Porscha Simmons:

Should be fun.

I’m meeting a friend for dinner on Thursday. It’s been a long time since we really could do that, given the situation in Virginia. But I’m looking forward to it. I’m going to try to do a Discord-Write in with a friend on Thursday or Friday night. Basically, I’m trying to remember what it’s like to have a life again.

I’m in post-Basho blech when it comes to TV because the next Sumo tournament that they broadcast is in November. And November seems so far away. I think I’ll sign off and try to be productive tonight.

Pumpkins, Leaves, and Laughter, my Lovelies!

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