eBay Sales: None

Craft Projects Completed: 0 (hey, I have this nifty new Rubik’s Cube to play with. Knitting? Oh, yeah. Knitting. I’ll get back to that.)

#MilWordy Update: 70,851 (2,950 words/day to complete)

So, NanoWriMo is coming soon. Very soon. Like in two weeks. And I haven’t really decided what I’m doing for it. It will be a new project though. I’ve decided that much. I think it will be one of the Promises Universe books I was thinking of doing, but as always, I’ll decide on, oh, Halloween, what I’m going.

Drive through voting is a think in our state right now. In light of … let’s call it the Unpleasantness, it makes sense. It also makes me laugh. It reminds me of drive-up wedding places. Or maybe, drive-through liquor stores. (Yes, these exist in America. Wahoo! Great idea!)

And that is the current randomness which runs through my brain.

Love, laughter, and cotton candy with no weird flavors, lovelies.

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