eBay Sales: None. This is all on me. I haven’t been listing. Listing seems to pop the listings up in the algorithms. I need to get myself back in the stream of listing this weekend.

Craft Projects Completed: 0, but I plan to work on my scarf today while I watch a few writing lectures. I have a need to keep my hands busy.

#MilWordy Update: 72,717 words (2953 words/day to complete on time)

We’re on the swift downhill run to NanoWrimo, but to be honest, at this point 1667 words per day seems pretty easy to get done. I’ve got a goal almost double that for every day now.

I’m working through the ways of freelance journalism again. That is always such a random way of life. Pitching until I get a new clips file that doesn’t show my writing style from over twenty years ago. I need some things which are fresh, but are actual articles, not blog posts. And as soon as I finish meeting my short story promises for Golden Fleece Press, I’m going to start shopping more of my short stories around.

I got a wonderful verbal review of my first book Cherry Blossom Express (available through most booksellers) today. The reader said she was hooked on page three and stayed up all night to finish reading it.

There’s really nothing better than hearing that someone loved your book. Turns out that she hadn’t known I had a book release in February, so that will be a sale. Sales are slow right now. Mostly because I usually hand-sell at conventions as well as doing on-line marketing. But while that was unexpected, I don’t think it’s a killer.

I’ve got a list of to dos longer than my arm right now. So, I’m going to cut myself short here.

I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I’ll make another sale or actually get to pitching articles.

TTFN. Ta Ta For Now!

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