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eBay sales: 1 pair of earrings, 1 lot of pins

Craft Projects Completed: 0

#MilWordy Update: 69,843 words (2,944 words/day to complete on time)

Managed to get some writing done yesterday before I ended up heading to bed. It was a little clutch, but I got about 700 words in. I still hope to crush the MilWordy goals, especially in November, but at the very least, I have been getting something written. I’m going to try one sprint tonight, and as we’re getting close to midnight, that’s it for today.

TTFN, my dears.

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eBay sales: vintage stationary

Craft Projects Completed : 0 (But I got a row done on the scarf!)

#MilWordy Update: 68,861 words (2937 words/day to complete on time)

It’s been a very glazed sort of day. My eyes feel hazy and my head aches. Still, my work email is down to 330 emails, even after having a week off. It’s such a relief to have gotten that far down.

I haven’t been writing much, but I’ve got two short story ideas to explore and complete. I’m going to see if I can finish that.

I have a thank you to write to one of my beta readers. I’m going to do that as soon as I tie up here.

In summary: I loved the trip and it was not impacted at all by having to wear a mask all the time. I love the power chair that we rented for Mom and want to buy one. (Envelope started for saving right now!) And there were no real emergencies in my email this morning. Which was nice to come back to. I can’t wait to go back on vacation. LOL. No matter how many blisters I have.

Laugh, love, and live, my lovelies. G’night.

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Sunday Night Music: The Headless Horseman

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eBay Sales: Stuffed toy, pattern, vintage doll

Craft Projects Completed: 0 and none attempted

#MilWordy Update: 68,551 words (2920 words/day to complete on time)

Had to get up at a horrible hour this morning in order to travel home. I’m not even close to unpacked and I haven’t even pulled out my keyboard from the suitcase. It’s not as though that is an excuse for not writing. It’s just the tiredness from traveling. I took a three hour nap this afternoon and I’m still tired. Maybe it’s not enough caffeine in my system or something. At least – knock on wood – I might not get airplane-crud because everyone had to be wearing their masks and there was enough bleach on the airplane to kill almost anything. I feel that this is the point where I should be warning people about not mixing the wrong cleaning agents, but I don’t have the list handy.

Just bleach + ammonia = BAD. Do not do this. It is deadly.

I have, however, figured out at least one plot point for one of my sequel books and I think I might be able to get that one finished by the end of the year and ready for publication.

Two of my short stories are back from beta with very minor edits needing to be made. I should be able to get them turned-in for my Patreon requirements sooner rather than later. I’ve made progress on one of my supernatural crime stories too. (I have recurring characters who pop up in my short stories. Some day I should be able to publish those stories in collections. I’ll be able to put them into chronological order too. Even if that’s not the way they’ve been written.)

I suppose I should get to doing something vaguely productive before the end of the night. So, at least one good sprint today, I think.


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Writing from Prompts: Demon (Orig Pub 8/6/2017)

Smallis leaned back in his chair. It had taken a long time to learn the arcane symbols needed to program a video slot machine, but he’d finally done it. He’d created the most powerful summoning program ever created. He was going to be famous. He spun the chair around twice, then clicked to send the app live.

He put his hands behind his head. “Suck it, you archaic dicks.”

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eBay Sales: Vintage Doll, Japanese Music Box, book

Craft Projects Completed: 0. Not even contemplated any

#MilWordy Update: 68,510 words (2,893 words/day to complete)

A nice lazy day today. Took a nap randomly. Had a full brunch. Nice soaking bath. All the de-stressing activities. 🙂

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EBay sales: candy dish

Craft projects completed : insert laughter here

#MilWordy Update: I will catch up with this tomorrow. No significant progress since Friday though.

Things of random notice so far on this trip:

  • The power chair we rented is worth every penny. I don’t have to push. Mom doesn’t feel guilty and has more autonomy. The cast members are making a point of talking to her rather than me as well, which is a subtle but significant change that makes her happier too. I don’t know if she’s actually noticed that yet
  • The bus service to the resorts is sketchier than usual. They have a restricted number of seats available and not enough extra buses to cover for that. The couple at the head of our line had been waited over an hour and a half by the time the bus got to us.
  • The buffets have come up with an excellent way of continuing. The food is still all you care to eat, but they bring your party a platter with a selection of everything that is on offer and if you want more of anything you just ask for it. I think this must reduce the amount of food waste too because people don’t take stacks of food. I have greatly enjoyed them.
  • I burn like crazy even when I use sun screen. I know this and still I was surprised when my pale skin turned red on the shoulders. I went to Hawaii and got a sunburn during the two rainiest weeks they had ever experienced.
  • I don’t like crowds
  • A baby’s lungs are stronger than the elevator / resort sound system.
  • I am getting old and my knees do not appreciate me getting up and going from a mile a day to five miles with no in between.
  • I am much more interested in taking pictures now that I can use an on-line photo book company rather than trying to scrap it myself.
  • The Battlestar Gallatica theme song (original series) is in my head know that it was randomly playing near an attraction with absolutely no connection to BSG.

Regularly scheduled madness will resume next week, I think. Right now: sending healing vibes to a friend who has been to the ER and Urgent Care this weekend. Additional positive thoughts would be welcome.

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Sunday Night Music: Change on the Rise

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October 12, 2020 · 7:08 pm


Traveling today, so I am going to just leave this quote here instead:

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. The true neighbor will risk his position, his prestige, and even his life for the welfare of others. In dangerous valleys and hazardous pathways, he will lift some bruised and beaten brother to a higher and more nobel life.

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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October 10, 2020 · 8:31 pm


eBay sales: cookie cutters

Craft Projects Completed: 0

#MilWordy Update: 67,982 words (2,850 words/day to complete on time)

I am a bear of very little brain tonight. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Remember honey is a great anti-bacterial. And it tastes good too.

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