eBay Update: lot of mugs

Craft Projects completed: 0 Progress made on a mixed-media piece

#MilWordy Update: 83,699 words (3,044 words/day to complete)

#Nano update: 5800/50,000

There’s an elephant in the room and I don’t plan to address it.

So, let’s talk Nano and eBay and submerging myself in the practice and the love of writing. I’m getting to know a new character and it’s so much fun because she is so very different from me. And I am getting to know, if not the antagonist, the instigators of some things. I’m seeing where the character and the magic system are going to intersect in this book.

The magic in this universe is small and not public. It interacts differently with different people and they don’t compare notes, so no one is noticing that it exists anymore than someone today would believe you if you started talking about a book who unwrites itself or using a cantrip to fix a torn suitcoat.

People don’t talk about magic or miracles because they don’t want a handful of pills and a nice self-hugging jacket. Or if they do, it’s only with a small handful of people that they trust and they know will not commit them. So magic gets missed or ignored or assigned to coincidence.

It opens up the questions: What sort of wonders are you ignoring? What miracle happened that you didn’t notice?

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