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I was taking my very relaxing Sunday bath, when I looked at the clock and thought, “Oh! It’s almost 745. I need to get out so that my father can go to bed.”

Thing is, it turns out that the clock in the bathroom with the good tub and not just a shower, has not been set back for Daylight Savings. So, bugger. I got out an hour earlier than I needed to. I feel cheated.

On the other hand, I’ve been able to decide that I don’t like the brand of bath bombs I’ve got right now and I need to go back to the other ones. This brand has too many essential oils in it and it leaves me feeling as though I have a slight film on my skin. Ah, well. I will work through the stash of them I have and then move on to the previous brand.

My rent is going up, in order to try to stymie my father’s insistence that we need to refinance the house again. Seriously, he’ll be dead. I’ll have no choice but to sell it, and the likelihood that that will end up with me being upside right on the property is low. So, seriously, he needs to let me take on something more of the bills. Okay, that’s just a general whine at this point, so we’ll see how things go when Mom and I put our minds to the task of actually getting a functional budget going. Enveloping is the way to go at this point, I think.

I’m trying to find all the little things I’ve already picked up for people’s Christmas presents and get them packed and ready to ship. “Grandmother Express” is not going to be a functional model this year. I’ll have to ship directly to the different families. Luckily, my cousins and I have never actually exchanged gifts, and the aunts & uncles have quietly agreed that 18 is the cut off date for giving gifts to the kids. And yes, I’m sorry for talking about Christmas before we’ve even hit Thanksgiving, but it’s important to get these things sorted before the shipping madness of the holiday hits the USPS.

Well, while I have an extra hour I wasn’t planning on this evening, I’d best go work on Nano.

TTFN – Ta Ta For Now!


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2 responses to “11-8-2020

  1. Doesn’t the water get cold?

  2. Surprisingly not really. There’s insulation around the tub inset.

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