eBay Sales: book

Craft Projects Completed: 0, but I managed 2 rows on my scarf before my hands went “oh hell no”

#MilWordy Update: 89,233 words (3,077 words/day to complete on time)

#NaNoWriMo Update: 10,682 words (1787 words/day to complete on time)

Ended up not getting much done today beyond a good dinner. I got to use up a bunch of things from the freezer: Fried rice, brussel sprouts, and pot stickers. It’s a family goal to try to eat out of the freezer rather than eating out.

I also boiled up some elderberry syrup. We picked it up at a craft show last year and I just got around to boiling it and mixing it up with some honey. It’s supposed to be an immune booster, but even without that, it works really nicely as a sweetener in your tea or a nice topping for pancakes or waffles. (Some of those are in the freezer too. I always wrap up pancakes when we make too many.)

Tried to balance my checkbook today, but I need a new register. I have a tendency to use PayPal often, and I need extra lines/ registers compared to the numbers of actual checks I use. (They have 1950s pin-up girls on them right now. They used to have some chibi-goth illustrations. I was sad to see those go.) It’s okay. I buy the registers in bulk. I used to use them as sub-savings accounts in my checking. Now, I just transfer into my savings account and remind myself that in times of emergency, I can actually *use* that money. That’s what it’s for. For things like the time my tire had a slow leak or the urgent care visit in Florida. That sort of thing. Or even, “damn, I need to pay for a certification test.” (AKA — you need the cert to keep your job. So you do it.)

I suppose that’s enough of me rambling for today. It’s been one of those weird days when I don’t feel as though I accomplished anything, but I’ve still knocked things off of my to do list.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow and hopefully it will be something a little more focused.

Love, Laughter, and Pumpkins, my sibs.

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