eBay Sales: lint shaver, McDonald’s Toy

Craft Projects Completed: 0, but several rows of knitting got done

#MilWordy Update: 89,590 words (3,107 words/day to complete)

NanoWriMo Update: 10,682 (1966 words/day to complete on time)

I uttered words I hope I never have to say again. “It tastes like a petting zoo.” I mean that quite seriously. I got tacos as a treat today and it was bad. Bad. It had the deep earthiness of dirt and the overtones of the dust with manure flavor that catches in the back of your throat when you’re petting a flock – school – herd of goats and alpacas. I really don’t mind it when it’s the smell, but as a steak flavoring? No. Not good at all.

Anyway, moving on from that. It’s been a day of rain and dullness and grey and it’s not been the best for my productivity. I’ve gotten nothing written, but I’ve watched a lot of youtube videos. That’s something I suppose.

I’m supposed to be doing my coursework for my PMP today. Especially because I want to finish the test in December, but oy. I just have not been able to concentrate. A note for those who are working on their PMP certifications — the test changes in JANUARY of 2021. So, if you’re studying Version 6, you’ll need to do your test by the end of January or start with new books and new classwork to get you up to speed. All of the PM’s I’ve worked with recommend doing a one week bootcamp: 4 days of studying and pass the test on the 5th day. I’m just doing that on my own with on-line coursework rather than sitting in a classroom. Because I really don’t want to be sitting in a classroom with strangers right now. It feels contraindicated and scary.

Most of Project Management in a nutshell is common sense, but you need to know what things are actually called. I’ve been doing long-term projects for ages; for my businesses and for other businesses. It doesn’t surprise me, but hey, I’ll get the piece of paper at the end that makes people more comfortable and I’ll have something else I can sign at the end of my name.

It’s been a strange November for me. I blinked and suddenly it was Rememberance Day. I mean, Veteran’s Day. My brain is looking for poppies, but then, I haven’t actually been out and around to buy one this year. It’s been a tradition for my entire life to pick one up from the VFW or one of the street vendors who are selling them. A quick donation and a poppy to wear on my button. I broke down and ordered a metal and enamel one on-line. It didn’t make it in time, but I’ll have it for next year.

Quickly, for the kids who may not have heard: 11-11-11 (That’s 1911) is considered the last day of World War I. This is why it is Remembrance Day. The poppies thing comes from a poem “In Flander’s Fields”. (LINK HERE)

The “War to End All Wars” did not. It was a glorious thought, but it didn’t come to pass.

And here is where I become slightly soppy and send out a thankful heart to all the veterans in my life. Including my own father who served in Vietnam. He has been active in reaching out to his fellow veterans when we’re out. Shaking hands and welcoming his fellow Vietnam Vets home. It meant the world to him a few years ago when a bellhop at Old Key West down in Disney organized a small Welcome Home event for him. We have the signed poster hanging in the library to remind him that people actually do care and remember his service. He didn’t have that when he came back. And it wasn’t until a few years ago that he actually expressed that it hurt. (Any of you who are my age, with parents who were in that conflict know that admitting to emotions is probably the last thing that our fathers have ever wanted to do.) I’m glad that there was a little healing there.

So, to the veterans: “Thank you for your Service.”

To the Vietnam Vets: “Welcome Home.”

And to the Korean and WWII veterans: “We’ll fight the good fight for freedom and democracy. We haven’t forgotten you.”

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