eBay sales: a book

Craft Projects Completed: 0, none even attempted

#MilWordy Update: 91,019 words (3,124 words/day to complete on time)

#NanoWriMo Update: 10,686 words (2,184 words/day to complete on time)

Spam Bot Role Call: gibberish, “can I add you to MySpace,” and something in Spanish I didn’t bother to translate. Looks like I’ve lost my puppy facts and Russian bots for now. We’ll have to see if they come back.

Met up with a friend today and just talked. It’s completely different from talking on Zoom or the phone or Discord or whatever. The topic shifts are more organic. And it’s much easier to mirror body language or read it in real time. It’s been fun and it’s not been directed toward a purpose, which is also rare.

It hit me today that we are on the very short side of the month and we’re heading swiftly toward Thanksgiving at a pace that makes me already go “we don’t have a turkey yet!” before telling myself to relax for Hestia’s sake. There’s plenty of time. And I’m going to have a few days before we have to make the food.

The news still makes me want to punch something, so I’m avoiding it for a little while longer. At least for the rest of the weekend because it makes my blood pressure boil.

On the other hand, I have managed to remember to scuff up my nails before trying to do the whole polish routine on them and they haven’t chipped off yet. I was having the entire bit of polish slide off as though I was wearing press-ons or using peel off base-coat. It was most annoying. I’ve got a full two days with only minor chipping. I have hope. And I am loving the color, so that’s good too. Green is one of my favorites to wear because it’s a strange neutral. It goes with almost anything, but people don’t tend to think of it that way.

Well, this has been your random moment in 2020. Go forth and have a peaceful weekend or a protesterly weekend or just… do something nice for someone or something okay? Love y’all!

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