eBay Sales: McDonald’s Toys lot,

Craft Projects Completed: No

#MilWordy Update: 92,481 words (3,129 words/day to complete on time)

#NaNoWriMo Update: 10,686 words (2,313 words/day to complete on time)

Part of me wants to dive into the MAGA idiocy that happened today. But most of me is just tired. I want there to be a smooth transition of power and I call on the organizations which are in place to see that it happens. I want the administrations to turn-over peacefully. And I want the rest of the world to stop looking at us as though we’ve got an unstable toddler as our president. (I mean, it’ll help that we don’t any more, but still.)

I’m trying to use this weekend to decompress and do pretty much nothing. But it turns out that I’m really not good at that. I am good at watching YouTube and wasting time on my phone, but I’m getting antsy and I will probably actually get productive today and tomorrow. I need to at least get in my MilWordy words, even if I don’t focus on Nano right now.

I’m finishing up a short story. Then, I have two short stories which are back from beta and need to be cleaned up. Then I need to figure out how to login to Patreon and offer the rewards that we’re supposed to be offering. (http://Patreon.com/GoldenFleecePress if you’re interested in seeing what I’m talking about.)

I also need to figure out how Ko-Fi works and get that put onto the site. It’s worth figuring that out at least. I will be able to write something up about it.

I had this vague urge to review casual games. I am a casual gamer par excellence. A review of games which I’ve liked, disliked, or didn’t match their ads could be an interesting sideline. If you have any strong feelings, drop me a comment below.

I suppose that it’s it. It’s been a quiet day and I’m gearing up for a sprint at 2000. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. We’ll see what gets done off of my list above yeah?

Love, Luck, and Lollipops!

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