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#MilWordy Update: 108,785 words (4,107 words/day to complete)

I have been catching up on the pile of ‘zines that I have. So far, I have found 1 that I liked. I have consumed a bunch of bullshit poetry. And I have developed a nostalgia for an era of zines that I barely remember. One that smells of mimeograph ink and smeared slightly. I was never a punk, but I have always enjoyed the aesthetic. And I do remember the days when you had to go out of your way to find zines and get ahold of them. I remember buying from black and white catalogs that had been through too many Xerox machines. And I am disconcerted by new zines that have fresh, good quality printing on fresh, good paper. And there’s no reason to be upset about something that just barely existed in my memory, but it’s like a niggling little toothache. Like I have missed something important.

And zines are an all-age game, but normally it feels like it’s just the young who do such things. Zines were the tumblr and livejournal of my youth. But I was not part of that world then. I was too focussed on doing the things I thought mattered, like getting A’s in school and going to college. And part of me wonders now if I want to try to recapture that weird magic and make my own zines.

What would I put into it? Flash fiction, I think. Shorter than 100 words. Maybe 25 words stories. And simply drawn covers.

Or maybe I’d invent some animals and make a small diary of a “naturalist” researching them. That could be fun.

Or maybe I’d create a DIY documentary of the renovation of my dollhouse. That could be several issues. The problems of getting it stripped, painting it, finding the right moulding. All of the little episodes. Hmm…. I’m suspiciously pleased with this plan.

And yes, I would count all of those words.

  • Goal: Finish 2 books & 12 short stories — NOT YET
  • Goal: Keep a journal, even if it’s only one line per day — Done pretty well on this actually.
  • Goal: Take a photo every day and make myself a book at the end of the year. — I’m a few days behind on this
  • Goal: Complete MilWordy. — Progress, but I’ve not hit goal for the day
  • Goal: Blog every day. — haha. Nope! But I didn’t procrastinate about it today, so there’s that.

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