Writing from Prompts #4 Chocolate (Orig Pub 3/29/2014)

“Touch the Thin Mints and I’ll cut you,” JoAnna hissed. She was curled up on the couch with a heating pad, a blanket, three books and a box of Thin Mints. She’d eaten half of one column with her tea. Her hair was stringy, her nose was red, and her eyes were bleary.

Bobbi considered her chances. The blanket would slow her down and she wasn’t wearing her glasses so there was a chance that she’d miss any preparations. That was the last box of Thin Mints in the house and the little girls from downstairs said that they didn’t have anymore. It might be worth the risk of a bloody stump.

“My cookies,” JoAnna added with slow deliberation. “I paid for them. I found them when all the other booth sales were done. You ate all of yours.”

“Just one?” Bobbi pleaded. She needed chocolate. She needed it now. “I’m going into withdrawal. And I’ll be starting my period tomorrow.”

“No shit.” JoAnna snorted. It was disturbingly wet and she reached for a tissue to blow her nose. She’d caved and purchased the ones with Aloe because of this cold; plague really. That was a concern. The cookies that were open were already contaminated with germs. Bobbi zeroed in on the box. One column was pristine, just sitting in the box, mocking her. “Did you think that this cold thing was going to stop me from starting on the same day? We’ve been in sync for half a year, bimbo.”

“Hey, now,” Bobbi held up a warning finger. “We don’t hold with that sort of talk.” Bobbi ran a hand over her short-cropped platinum blonde hair. “It’s not like it’s natural.”

“The bleach has eaten into your brain. Go get some cookies elsewhere.”

“But it’s not Thin Mints.”

“So go get some ducking ice cream or something. I think it’s Eddy’s that has the Thin Mint ice cream.”

“What? Seriously?” Bobbi sat up straight. “Thin Mints and ice cream? That’s better than Nutella from the jar.”

“Mmmmm. Nutella,” JoAnna murmured. “I have cash. Bring me my purse and go forth for Nutella and soft, squishy white bread to transport it to my mouth.”

Bobbi laughed. “And you’ll buy the ice cream too?”

JoAnna sighed. “Yes, just to protect my cookies. Not because I like you or anything.”

Right. Four years as friends. Two as roommates. They hated each other all right.



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