eBay Sales: 1 pattern, 2 honey dippers, purse

#MilWordy Update: 104,463 words (3,512 words/day to complete)

We’re on the countdown to Christmas and in a bit of decorating frenzy. We’ve managed to get the lights on the trees and brought up about half the boxes. There’s more to happen in the next few days. My body is not happy with the up and down hikes. Found 3 ornaments we’re going to let go and 1 santa figure. New Years is for downsizing though, so that’s what we’ll look towards.

The water in my bath today was a beautiful sea-green color. And I had a lovely time reading a new book.

And with all that elliptical speech, I mean to say, it’s just been a day. Though a winter day and a Sunday, but still just a day.

Documentary watched: “Leap of Faith” (about the Exorcist)

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